January 2020 CBA Newsletter issue -
5G: The faster speeds that was promised and what of it now

February 2020 issue -
[CBA Newsflash] 

Amidst the panic due to the coronavirus, many of us may be hoping for a vaccine that can solve the issue. But will we be seeing that anytime soon?

One may expect this to be a very lucrative opportunity for big pharmaceutical firms to jump on, though in reality this may not be the case. This is due to the countless colossal obstacles pharmaceutical firms face to get medicine from development to gaining approval. 

This ranges from R&D costs, huge risks of failure and the long time it takes to develop and get it approved. 

So what are the chances of a firm finding a vaccine? For further reading head to: https://www.bbc.com/news/business-51454859

With everyone's sudden attention to relevant medical developments due to the coronavirus outbreak, how many of us understand the obstacles faced in the pharmaceutical industry?

Here is a general picture of what the industry is like and the challenges firms face.

February 2020 CBA Newsletter issue -

The economical impact of the coronavirus... And the HK government's HKD $120 billion relief measure  

March 2020 issue -

[CBA Newsflash] 

Living a healthy lifestyle has become a growing concern in the past years, and this is especially the case with the current outbreak. So, what role can technology play in the fight against our current outbreak?

There have been news lately of organizations utilizing AI to aid the development of preventative or diagnostic measures, such as the molecular biotech company Seegene’s use of AI to create a coronavirus test kit in three weeks.

Google’s DeepMind division also used its latest AI algorithms and its computing power to understand the proteins that might make up the virus and published the findings to help others develop treatments.

So how else is technology helping us to fight the outbreak? For further reading head to: https://bit.ly/33svRQ9

We all know that technology is everywhere, in our daily lives and also in the business field, but how much do we know about it’s application in the healthcare industry?

Here is a general picture of how some technology is applied in the healthcare industry.Here is a general picture of what the industry is like and the challenges firms face.


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