The 26th Executive Committee - Agis

    "Agis" - the word derived from greek meaning ago. It can also be closely related to another Greek - Hegeomail. To be selected as the name of The Business Students' Union, Session 2016-2017, the meaning of " to lead, to guide , to care and to carry" of Agis is highly appreciated. We hope that from the help and services we provide this year, our member could be led to be inspired and equipped with different abilities. Having engaged in the activities we prepare, our members could be enamoured.

      Chairperson Yuen Man Long, Tony
      Internal Vice-Chairperson Wong Wing Sze, Julia
      External Vice-Chairperson Wong Fan Ying, Grace
      Internal Secretary Law Chit, Jeff
      External Secretary Yim Wing Fung, Ivan
      Financial Secretary Wong Keng Fong, Morris
      Academic Secretary Wong Nga Ling, Anna
      Promotion and Publicity Secretary Leung Chung Him, Caleb
      Public Relations Secretary Im Man Yi, Wendy
      Sports and Recreation Secretary Leung Tsz Him, Vincent
      Publication Secretary Im Man Yi, Wendy
      Marketing Officer Leung Tsz Him, Vincent
      Information Systems Secretary Yeung Wing Hong, Harry
      Welfare Secretary Ko Sin Tung, Jessica
      Current Business Affairs Secretary Law Chit, Jeff

      The 25th Executive Committee - Kosmos

      "Kosmos" - the Greek version of word cosmos, has meanings of "universe", "harmony" and "in order", was selected to be the Name for The Business Student's Union, HKUSTSU, Session 2015-2016. The universe comprises all sorts of mysteries and possibilities; we, being "Kosmos", can guide our members towards self-discovery and exploration in the middle of calignosity. With the aspiration to enthrone the concept of mutual benefits, we aim from inner development of members, to outer encouragement in the community.

      The annual theme for the session is "You Shine; We Shine" in consideration it reverberates with our year-long objectives : Revolutionize, Reconciliate, Confederate, Elicit, Reverence.

        Chairperson Bok Wai
        Internal Vice-Chairperson Lau In Tung, Edith
        External Vice-Chairperson Ng Wan Chung, Arick
        Internal Secretary Lee Oi Ching, Vanessa
        External Secretary Lam Ka Yiu, Michael
        Financial Secretary Leung Chi Hong, Chilli
        Academic Secretary Lee Ka Ming, Eddy
        Promotion and Publicity Secretary Cheng Yan Ting, Diane
        Promotion and Publicity Secretary Chung Nian Chyun, Candace
        Public Relations Secretary Ng Yuk Lam, Ronnie
        Public Relations Secretary Wong Wai Ka, Eric
        Sports and Recreation Secretary Yip Tsun Him, Sam
        Publication Secretary Ho Shu Ki, Holly
        Publication Secretary Yeung Yvonne
        Marketing Officer Law Yu Sum, Summer
        Marketing Officer Yeung Yat Ching, Swan
        Information Systems Secretary To Yu Hin, Ivan
        Welfare Secretary Chong Tsz Kwan, Jennifer
        Current Business Affairs Secretary Tse Wing See, Nadia

        The 24th Executive Committee - Arcturus

        Arcturus, originated from the Greek word "Arktouros"with the meaning of "guardian" was chosen as the name of The Business Students' Union, HKUSTSU, Session 2014-2015. Being the brightest star in the Northern Hemisphere, we, Arcturus, hope to take the role as the guardian to direct our members and lighten their path throughout their journey, particularly in the business field.

        The proposed annual theme of Arcturus, The Nominated Cabinet is "Bring Forth the New Through the Old" Through sustaining fine traditions of The Union, we also hope to enhance the quality and add more new and recreational elements in each function.

          Chairperson Wong Lok Ching, Jacqueline
          Internal Vice-Chairperson Yu Tim Yan, Tiffany
          External Vice-Chairperson Wong Lap Yu, Harry
          Internal Secretary Wong Man Ho, Marco
          External Secretary Leung Kai Fung, Kelvin
          Financial Secretary Cheung Chun Kit, Tony
          Academic Secretary Ho Calvin
          Promotion and Publicity Secretary Mak Yin Kiu, Alviny
          Public Relations Secretary Yue Pui Zhen, Connie
          Sports and Recreation Secretary Shin Ting Fung, Adrian
          Publication Secretary Yue Pui Zhen, Connie
          Marketing Officer Chan Wai Yan, Rachel
          Information Systems Secretary Shin Ting Fung, Adrian
          Welfare Secretary He Sau Lam, Emma
          Current Business Affairs Secretary Chan Wai Yan, Rachel