The 27th Executive Committee - Aethon

    "Aethon" - Aethon, originated from the Greek word “Aithôn”, means “burning”, “blazing” and “shining”. It was chosen as the name of The Business Students’ Union, Session 2017-2018 because we would like to enlighten the possibilities of our members, illuminate their full potentials as well as nurture them to shine in their future business career. The theme of The Business Students’ Union is “Ignite the Possibilities”. Through this theme, we hope to create possibilities for our members by discovering their talents and enlightening their full potentials in preparing themselves for the business world .

  • LEUNG, Hei Ting Melody

    Year 2, BBA(GBUS)


    Melody Leung

  • LAM, Wing Chi Vinci

    Year 2, BBA

    Internal Vice-Chairperson

    Vinci Lam

  • SO, Ka Hei Francis

    Year 2, BBA

    External Vice-Chairperson

    Francis So

  • CHAN, Sze Pui Jenny

    Year 2, BBA

    Internal Secretary

    Current Business Affairs Secretary

    Jenny Chan

  • YU, Chun Hang Candy

    Year 2, BBA

    External Secretary

    Candy Yu

  • ZHANG, Runze David

    Year 2, BBA

    Financial Secretary

    David Zhang

  • MOON, Gi-peum Anna

    Year 2, BBA(IS)

    Academic Secretary

    Anna Moon

  • TSE, Wai Chak

    Year 2, BBA

    Promotion and Publicity Secretary

    Chak Tse

  • WONG, Ka Wing Kelvin

    Year 2, BBA

    Public Relations Secretary

    Publication Secretary

    Kelvin Wong

  • CHEUNG, Kin Sum Sam

    Year 2, BBA

    Sports and Recreation Secretary

    Information Systems Secretary

    Sam Cheung

  • WU, Kong Kit Kenneth

    Year 2, BBA

    Marketing Officer

    Kenneth Wu

  • CHAN, Wai Ki Carmen

    Year 2, BBA

    Welfare Secretary

    Carmen Chan