The Business Students' Union, HKUSTSU

The Business Students' Union, HKUSTSU (hereafter BSU) is a student-run, non-political and non-profit-making student organization founded in 1991. Being the first school union established in The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, BSU is the sole union representing all students studying in the School of Business and Management (SBM), we are proud to serve over 1600 members today.

We provide a kaleidoscope of academic-based, career-oriented, social and recreational activities and services for our members. Through such activities, we hope to expand the frontiers of students' knowledge and increase their exposure to the business world as well as to enhance bonding between members. It is the prime goal of the Union to further equip our business students, getting them well-prepared to become the future pillars of our society.


The objectives of the Union, which lay in the constitution, are :


To encourage Business and Management studies and its application in the field, particularly those in Hong Kong.


To facilitate understanding and general welfare among members of the Union.


To secure complete organization and unity within the Union.


To enhance good relationship between the staff and the students.


To develop good relations with other clubs and societies in academic, social and cultural aspects.


To promote the image of the Union, hence enabling a better understanding of our business students.


To coordinate the affiliated associations.